Polaris High Flow Clutch Intake Kit for sale.


Polaris High Flow Clutch Intake Kit for sale. Polaris High Flow Clutch Intake Kit for sale.
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Polaris High Flow Clutch Intake Kit for sale.



K-High Flow Clutch Intake Kit

Item: 2205862 | Mfg #: 2205862

High flow clutch intake kit from Polaris (Part#: 2205862) Reduces heat in the Clutch housing area.


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Product Description

This is a Polaris Part # 2205862 K - RZR XP /XP 4 Highflow clutch intake kit for sale. Polaris listen to the complaints and made a remedy for the overheating issues on the Polaris RZR XP 1000 4 and XP 1000 machines over heating the clutch's and over all breaking the Polaris 3211148 drive belt. This eliminates over heating issues. 

Contents include. 

1.Drive belt - 3211180 

2. Clutch cover 

3. frog skin covers intake. 

4. intake tubes

5. mouting hardware.

The Polaris High flow clutch kit is the best solution for any over heat issues you may have with you Polaris RZR XP. The High flow clutch kit offers a redirected tude to get that hot air out of the clutch area and pulling in cold air to make sure that your XP clutch will last longer. Also retro fitted with the new and impoved 3211180 oem polaris drive belt to ensure that the heat is not longet a issue. this belt is made with a diffrent compound making it resistant to higher heat temps and assures the belt wont break down in material. So if you want the best deals and prices on all your polaris high flow clutch kits then here is the place to be online! Always in stock and fast shipping! 

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