Beast Series Loop And T
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Beast Series Loop And T



Item: 8017LPT | Dist #: 187013

Color: Silver

Size: 55.2 in

Retail Price: $114.95

Your Price: $57.58


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Product Description

Highest security rating for maximum protection in high-crime areas. Prevents ride-away, rollaway and carry-away theft. X2P dual lockdown protection with a massive 12 mm hex link chain and pass through ring made from cut-resistant, ultra-hardened steel for amazing versatility in tricky, hard-to-lock situations. The most versatile powersports lock. Use the loop to wrap around a solidly anchored object, then run the 10 in. long steel bar through a hole on your vehicle and lock the T-head on the other side. Locks also feature rubber end caps and vinyl coatings to protect finishes. Reinforced crossbar sleeve and cylinder for additional security. Water- and heat-resistant embroidered chain cover prevents scratching and allows compact coiling. Rotating dust cover protects cylinder.

  • Anti-theft protection plan
  • 12 mm chain 4-1/2 ft. with loop and T-lock

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